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Our Expertise

We are not the usual software development company. We create virtual worlds, defining new ways of percepting the reality. We use latest technologies which will always fulfil our clients' needs. Specialized in Software Graphics Development, Virtual Reality, High-Performance Applications and mathematical models, we believe that the client's needs are our infinite resource of motivation.


We create our custom defined projects in any programming language, suited to our clients' needs.


We use the latest graphics technology that allows us to create some of the next-gen graphics techniques and experiments.


We use the latest tools, well established for our customers' needs. If there is a necessity for new tools, we can develop them!

Featured Projects

Tidal Escape VR

This game was created during the Global Game Jam competition, featuring a realistic puzzle experience within a temple, where the water level rises. The players have to escape from each room in a limited time by solving different challenges.

Inspiration VR

This project was created in partnership with Collider Visuals, featuring a realistic ArchViz VR experience. We helped with the navigation and interaction system, as well as porting it to different VR platforms as: HTC Vive, GearVR, Oculus Rift.

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Yoga Gallery VR

We created this application in partnership with Collider Visuals, being able to contribute with a series of improvements in the navigation and interaction systems.

Project: Addiction

This project features the effects of drugs explained as a series of visual effects in a 3D world, being used in a contest in Romania.

Project: Cuba

This project features a 3D experience into the history of Cuba, being used in a history & programming competition in Romania.

Metal Creativ

An application that sources an image projects it as an embroidery on a metallic plane, designed for a Romanian company in partnership with Collider Visuals.

Parklane VR

A VR ArchViz application where we contributed with the motion and material systems, in partnership with Collider Visuals.

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Learning by Teaching

The project teaches computer programming, physics, chemistry, history and biology to high-school students from the teacher’s point of view, by going through the experiments in his daily adventures.

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Dodge Challenger 360

A 360-VR experience showcasing a real-time rendering of a new Dodge Challenger model. We have created the media palyer that allowed the users to start the experience.

Inside the Matrix VR

A VR simulation trying to teach Computer Architecture & Processors from within the computer. It was created at Leeds Hack ‘18.

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Mercedes-Benz Car Configurator VR

VR showcase for Mercedes-Benz purposed for a showroom. Connected through a mobile application, the users are able to interact in different ways with the car and the experiences.

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In Store App

An application that showcases different Procter & Gamble products and different perfumes from Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen in a Duty-Free VR Environment.

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VR Sandbox

3D Worlds generated to train a machine learning algorithm about human and face recognition created in collaboration with Knosis.AI

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The Journey

The Journey is a scientific adventure game based on the exploration of the human body.

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